IME South 2024

Becoming a Speaker – Please Read Before Submitting:

As the Southeast's largest design and manufacturing event, IME South is designed to give attendees a comprehensive view of the product lifecycle - from prototype to production. 

  • Format: All sessions are 45 minutes in length. Please prepare for 30 minutes of content and 15 minutes of Q&A.
  • Cost: We are not pay-to-play. We do not pay honorariums to speakers and do not accept sponsorship dollars for a speaking role unless you work directly with our sponsorship team to craft a sponsored session with branding and lead capture. Email for details about sponsored speaking opportunities.
  • Travel & Accommodations: We do not generally cover travel & accommodations for speakers, but we do make exceptions where we see a need. We do have dedicated event hotel room blocks and those details are on the event website under "Travel".
  • Registration: We provide all speakers with a complimentary all access badge to attend the event that includes access to conference sessions, the expo hall, and all event networking activities and receptions.
  • Receiving a Response: We receive hundreds of submissions, and we take time to review each submission thoroughly. If your submission is a sales pitch for your company’s product or service, we will not send any correspondence, as we do not allow sales pitches on our conference agenda.


  • OEM and/or industry consultant presentations on trends, market forecasts and opportunities, and innovative technologies, strategies, and practices.
  • Success stories with tangible results and/or demonstrations where possible with end-users as speakers.
  • Innovations that touch on all aspects of biomedical device manufacturing including design, product development, additive manufacturing, robotics, smart manufacturing, and/or packaging.
  • Presentations that address challenges faced in the product design and development process, as well as the manufacturing.
  • Are you an exhibitor? Bring a date! We know you’ve got great products and services to offer, but engineers want to see proof these solutions work. Partnering with your clients (finished goods manufacturers) to deliver content helps validate your processes and offerings. Suggest a co-presentation with a customer/client, or a panel discussion with your customers, and you’ll have a much higher likelihood of being accepted to speak at the Conference.


  • Proposals by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) receive the highest consideration.
  • Proposals from suppliers which include a co-presentation or panel with end-use customer(s) receive high consideration. Please be sure to tell us the types of customers you plan to invite, if selected.
  • Proposals for presentations that provide validated data and findings receive consideration over marketing-oriented presentations.
  • EXHIBITORSProposals that are sales pitches for a product/service or company will not be considered. Do NOT include a vendor pitch or promotional material. If you are a supplier to the industry, we’d love to hear from you! But we need you to include end-users in your topic submission. How can they validate your product and/or approach to solving a problem? Panels with OEMs as panelists, and the supplier as moderator are a great example. We look for speakers who are willing to share their knowledge to help engineering and innovation continue and grow.


Please fill out the submission form completely and submit no later than Friday, December 15, 2023, by 11:59 PM ET. If selected to speak, all presenters are required to submit a presentation in both PowerPoint and PDF form four weeks in advance of the event to ensure all guidelines are met.


  • Double-check your email address and cell phone number as this is our primary point of contact.
  • Your submission work is automatically saved. You may start your proposal now and complete it any time before the deadline. You may make edits after you submit it, up until the deadline.
  • Please capitalize the first letter of your first and last name and ensure and that your bio reflects your professional achievements accurately.
  • If you are a marketing or PR representative, fill in your contact details below (you will add speakers on the following page).


Marissa Ray, Conference Manager